There some ipad user today are talking about skype for ipad 2, skype ipad 2 video call, or skype for ipad 2 release date. Making video calls through Skype on the iPad 2 has been possible since appeared in the App Store. However, it was necessary to use the version developed specifically for the iPhone 2. And as you know, has a number of problems, the most striking presentation format designed for a much smaller canvas and a unique arrangement of the elements: the vertical. However, although he stopped praying, it looks like change.Without now confirmed the release date of the application, has been known for a fact that the company recently acquired by Microsoft will release a special version for IPAD. First, we heard the news of a leaked video on YouTube. And soon after, from the Skype confirmed that the program exists. However, as we have been spared the courtesy to confirm the day of Skype for iPad is now available for download.

As a client of instant messaging and voice over IP, Skype for iPad will be an opportunity for providers users use this application for almost all the benefits and features that are already known to the desktop version.Although missing some options. For starters, there are ways to make video calls with Skype for the iPhone. And what is more important: the role will support both Wi-Fi connections as in the case of 3G. On the other hand, video calls can be made full screen full resolution iPhone 2. You can also make video calls with a single video signal will be very interesting for users of first-generation iPhone, which is not equipped with cameras. Unfortunately, Skype for iPad 2 offers no support for sending files through the application, which allows the computer version.

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