Ask : closing multiple apps on ipad, how to close programs on ipad
A few month ago when people moved to iOs 4.2 on their ipad, a lot of them got trouble when closing multiple app running on their ipad. Many of them complained for this trouble. But actually how to close multiple apps running on the ipad?

Answer: Most people who move on already iOS 4.2 on the iPad, and many of them complained because too many problems and errors for this new iOS 4.2, that they have faces. Yes, Apple has multi-tasking, a huge FITUR that everyone wants it added. That is, the ability toopen multiple applications simultaneously (the background) waiting to be re right backwhere they left off.? This function is fine for background music or just start completely to another application,without prior to closing. But the problem of multitasking iPad is that every time we open a new application that we remain open and previously published resources consumed, sothere comes a time when iPad a noticeable decline in the performance.

But you knew that we had to close all open applications on the iPad, in the background?.Yes. To do this, we need only activate the multitasking Panel double-click the Start buttonand let one of the applications until they begin to tremble. After you do the upper classes,you can use the symbols a red square with a minus sign in the display. If you click it, we willclose open applications (in background), thus freeing memory iPad.

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