Many ipad user today asking for send sms with ipad 2, sms using ipad 2, send sms from ipad 2, or how can i send sms via ipad 2. When the iPhone launched in February, many people are interested in knowing that the tablet is equipped with GSM connectivity (the network that is used for phone functions), but Apple rejected the possibility of us to make calls or send SMS messages via this new model. However, it seems you can actually turn the iPhone into a giant phone. Although, yes, this option can only be used if the model is equipped with 3G (which is what allows you to install a SIM card). The fact is that the application iPad iPad PhoneIt-2 could become its performance profile of the phone function, even with the call interface of the iPhone. Yes, the iPhone application PhoneIt costs $ 20 and the terminal requires that we have unlocked Jailbreak.

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Via Engadget know that the authors of the application that the iPhone 3G had the FaceTime functions have developed a utility that, once again expands the options for terminals used by Apple. This time, if we have broken the defenses of the system in the famous Jailbreak the iPhone, which are downloaded through Cydia repository PhoneIt-application for the iPhone that, once installed, turn the tablet into a phone super (super is given by size, which benefits both calls). The phone interface in PhoneIt-IPAD is the same as the iPhone, and they say, we mean changing the size of the application environment to make calls (which the tablet users will already know if they have installed the applications developed for signature). Remember that if you use this function on the table without having to call the contracted rates (which will be the most logical and plausible) risks that the plan for the new base price of your company.

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