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Most ipad user today asking for ipad 2 skyfire, skyfire for ipad 2, or ipad 2 flash player skyfire. As we know, flash has been the most popular iPad problem as many iPad users not using the flash on iPad. In fact, a lot of web applications iPhone browser does not support this feature even though this problem has been resolved in the ipad 2. Now, you're not confused yet again to find flash player for your IPAD. Lately, the iPad Skyfire application has been updated. The latest version, Skyfire 3.0 for iPad now supports Flash video. Therefore, you can enjoy a lot of Flash video on the Internet.

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However, this application is not as good as other browsers such as Windows and OS Android and Flash Video, which can not benefit directly. Be processed in the Skyfire server. And then, the Skyfire server will send your IPAD. However, this is very good for us. We are confident that the perfect will of Skyfire for IPAD. Additionally, Skyfire 3.0 for iPhone now supports Facebook. That allows us to enjoy a lot of features, although not perfect yet.

Now, Skyfire 3. 0 for IPAD is available on the iTunes App Store. The price is very cheap. You only have to pay $ 2.99 and enjoy millions of flash video on the iPad. Skyfire 3.0 for iPhone also includes several new features. There is a new feature called SkyfireOneTouch. This feature gives you a searching facility anythings in Google, Wikipedia and VideoSurf. So far, we believe that Skyfire is the best browser for iPhone web application that offers more than other browsers.

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