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Do you feel that your iPad is not enough internal memory to save all our data? ThereforeSanho is coming with his new innovation. Right! A few days ago, his second SanhoGeneration HyperDrive for iPad. At this time furnished Sanho his device with 320 GBcapacity. This is good news for users because Apple iPad offers only 8GB, 16GB and32GB internal memory in his iPad. With Sanho Hyperdrive is, we get a bit more and probably can store more files than usual.

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Sanho the second Generation HyperDrive is in contrast to other portable hard drive. Itoffers some features that it is better than others. Like its predecessor, it can be connectedvia USB to iPad Camera Connection Kit. Incredibly, this device built-in LCD screen for file management is simple and straightforward by this device.

But this device is certainly as useful to you, because you get many benefits to this. For example, you can songs, music files anymore. That could not do without this device,because what iPad offers is limited. That means you can be with portable hard drive makes a good alternative. Sanho and the product is a good choice. Are you interestedwith this device? Do not worry about the price, you'd think that Sanho's HyperDrive hassuch an expensive price. Actually, no. The new version is now at a lower price. You can justget him for $ 200 with 320GB capacity. We thought that such an affordable price, becausethe offered features as well as astonishing.

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