Ask : kindle cloud reader for ipad 2, how transfer book from kindle cloud to ipad
Answer : Amazon Kindle released cloud-reader, a new version of its Kindle book reading application that is published on cloud base. This new web-based application from Apple's new policy does not require a bypass to go in-app purchasing system through sales of Apple.

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Apple has bought a change of their subscription rules, the new content from apps provides are subject to their 30% fee. Amazon responded to the new rules by removing the Kindle Store button from their native application, and went on an app based on HTML5 work.
The Cloud Reader web app is complete for the iPad presented and feels like a native app for iPad, although it is not.

Cloud features of the Kindle reader include the following:
- An immersive view of your entire Kindle library, with direct access to all your books
- Start to access and read more than 950,000 Kindle books directly in the browser
- An embedded Kindle Store for maximizing your web browser makes it very easy to find new books and read them directly
New Kindle Store for iPad is built from the ground up for the interface of the iPad Touch
- Her latest book is automatically made available for offline use, and you could choose to read a book store, offline at any time
- Receive automatic software updates without having to download a new software
- Select start reading a book, you change the layout of the page to select the desired font size, background color, text color, and more
- All notes, bookmarks and highlights you made on other applications or Kindle on Kindle
- Synchronize your last page in your Kindle and Kindle free apps you can read so pick alawys where you left off
Cloud Kindle Reader is available for Safari Web browser on the iPad, from Safari and Chrome on the desktop as well. Cloud Kindle reader on the iPad is for the size and unique touch interface maximizes the iPad. Without even leaving the application, customers can shop the Kindle Store beginning and find a compelling and unique shopping experience built specifically for iPad Safari browser

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