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Answer : In an attempt to introduce some of the enhancements and bug fixes, along with those responsible for the battery drain problem, Apple rolled out iOS 5.0.1 a few weeks back.
After Apple's announcement, advised the Dev-Team iOS device users not to upgrade toIOS 5.0.1, if they are still waiting for a untethered jailbreak for iOS 5, because the flow willbe developed for a downgrade to iOS 5 .

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However, if you have already upgraded to 5.0.1 and now on your IOS device, the latest version of redsn0w to jailbreak 0.9.9b8 is a tethered jailbreak can for your device. Forfurther details on the implementation of the jailbreak with redsn0w 0.9.9b8,.But before I continue with the jailbreak, the user must be aware of some importantaspects.
If you want to get your iPhone baseband, the first suggestion is to get away from theimplementation of the jailbreak. Since redsn0w 0.9.9b8 supports a tethered jailbreak, youneed to connect your iPhone to your computer every time you reboot.

Before proceeding, make a backup of your iPhone so that if something goes wrong, you can at least recover your losing iPhone not all of your settings such as sound settings,widget settings, certain network settings and other information such as text messages,notes and call history, contact favorites. If your iPhone is jailbroken already, you can usejailbreak apps such as AptBackup, or PkgBackup xBackup from Cydia to keep backupsfor all the jailbreak apps and tweaks. It allows you to install them separately after youjailbreak your iPhone to install them instead. You must ensure that the latest version of iTunes that iTunes 10.5 or higher.

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