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Answer : This week I had a first look at sleek new Apple iPad 2, which go up for sale today. It looksand feels impressively iPad next to the original. It is more comfortable to hold, in fact it isso thin and light that it like you are picking up a photo frame feels. The colors are a bitwarmer than the original iPad, which is called on an old white man in the slightest blue tinge iPad comparison.

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My disappointment with the iPad 2 is that cameras iPad aside, it's not really something new, or the shortcomings of the original. I would not ditch an iPad 1 for the second iPad Asfor first-time buyers, unless you email and Web browsing just waiting, I'd say the iPad 2 extra grunt is future proof as a discount iPad first

Elgato is known for its USB TV Tuner announced, but last year the Netstream, a small box with an antenna jack and Ethernet port, published streams live television, computers andiGadget around your home. It has recently had a price cut of up to $ 329 taken. The Tivizenis similar except it to a portable battery-operated device - about the size of an iPhone, butwith an external TV antenna. It generates its own Wi-Fi hotspot, with a battery life of 3.5 hours, let look at devices located near or record live TV. If your iGadget is 3G-capable, youcan still remain online while connected via WiFi Tivizen.

The Tivizen the picture quality is excellent on the iPad 1 and 2 - on par with the Netstream -although of course at the mercy of your digital receiver. A low-fi workaround to improve reception is to fit on the built-in rabbit ears antenna with an alligator clip. Just as withdesktop Macs, it seems Apple does not allow third party applications using hardwareacceleration - that's disappointing.

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