Most people today asking for how to connect ipad 2 to tv, connect ipad2 to tv, or how to connect ipad2 to tv using usb. The iPad is very reliable when playing video machines. This makes the experience of watching movies on the go, waiting on the bus or train, very satisfying. But they are very temperamental. It is necessary that the video files to satisfy two conditions. The first is that no film can be loaded by simply dragging and dropping with other devices. Unfortunately, the two computers do not recognize iPhone as a external hard drive. The video upload is done through a process of synchronization through iTunes, which is a bummer. Secondly, it is necessary that the films are in a format compatible with your device, and are not few. Forget playing DivX or XviD, Matroska, and even, iPhone and iTunes will behave as if these formats do not exist. Can not play.

If you want to see a movie has to do, but luckily there are fairly simple programs on the market. Recommend a book called Videora iPhone Converter, which has the advantage that allows you to carry out the conversion step by step so that no mistake. Surely you know something else, and we are delighted that we have. Once the program has supported movies in MP4 format, add to your iTunes library. If it is open during the conversion of the movie is automatically added. If you have not, go to "File -. Add File to Library" Then just connect the iPhone to the computer 2 adapter, USB cable and sync with iTunes. The films will be loaded and ready for playback.

The iPad 2 comes with a surprise under his arm, an adapter cable that serves as HMDI. Therefore, simply plug the adapter into the iPhone 2, and the HDMI cable and the adapter to the TV for watching movies on a TV room that has been stored on the tablet from Apple. It can surf the Internet, even watching on the big screen. In the case of films, once connected via HDMI, the screen turns off. It works very well when in normal use. Then, the image appears on the TV screen and touch.

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