How to change ipad 2 wallpaper ? or how to change background in ipad 2 ? You could say that the fundamental change in the iPad is so easy to do. But no, people who are new to the iPad. Now we will explain step by step how to change the background wallpaper on your iPhone more attractive WIH or photography. In addition, this includes the modalities of taking the image of any web site and use it as wallpaper. First, how to change the wallpaper protectors. Surely you need a picture or photo you want to set as wallpaper. Usually stored in "Saved Photos" folder. If not available, you can transfer from your PC with iTunes or you can grab the Internet (discussed in the second case). But if you've had, follow these steps.

IPad Settings menu:
Select the brightness and the wallpaper, change your background wallpaper that you should choose the image that is in the folder of saved pictures. Click the image to use, there are three options if you want to use as a screen lock or screen or both. And finally! Now you can see in the main screen and the wallpaper was changed.

The second way is the way to capture the image from the Web form and use as wallpaper i IPAD. It is also very easy to do. First, find the image of any website you like. Tap and hold on the image to save the iPad. Now, the image is downloaded successfully. For use as may be referred to as the first form. Nice try!

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