Many ipad user are asking about ipad 2 keyboard problems, keyboard freeze on iPad 2, or ipad2 keyboard stuck. Today many people enjoy iPad 2, because this pill can entertaint life. But sometimes you face a small problem with the IPAD 2 keyboard to use some applications such as calendar applications. An example is when you add a calendar application, even after pressing the "Done" button, the keypad is locked. The simple answer to solving the freezing of the rotation of the screen and return to work, but after adding another event to freeze again, so yiu have to rotate the screen again and again, a really annoying problem.

Here are simple step by step tips to fix keyboard freezing iPad 2. Thanks to Tim for his advice on the iPad forum.
First, you have to force the application to offend close. If you have IOS 4.2 or 4. 3, you can double click on the 'Start' button to display the multiple taskbar at the bottom of the screen. * Press any icon until they start to 'shake'. Then tap the top left corner of the application is closed. "Vanish" from the list. Do not panic - that has not been removed, closed. Now tap the home screen and the taskbar disappears multiple. To open the application of IPAD and see if that solves the problem. If not, is at number two possible solutions!

Second, restart your IPAD. * Press the power button. After a couple of seconds a slide asking you to confirm you want to change the iPhone out (this is all they do). Slide the control to accept. 'Marco' A blank screen appears in the rotation of the iPad iPad as off (takes a few seconds, as you would if you were outside the PC). When the screen has gone completely blank IPAD, press the * button for several seconds until the white Apple logo and iPhone, the indicator. This takes a few seconds, so be patient. During orientation auto power function of the screen is off, so do not panic. A few seconds before the power has been completed, the iPad has some jingles and then you're back to the home screen. Restart the application of IPAD and see if the problem persists.

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