Some people are asking about find file on ipad, how to find downloads on ipad, where find documents on iPad, or how to find the music files in Ipad. Digital Living people change their musical experience not to listen to a CD, but listen to digital music downloads from music applications and import to iTunes so you can listen to the music of the iPad. What is a problem is when music is downloaded to somewhere on your IPAD 2 download music files, but not in the iTunes library, and even if you try to search the iPad 2 can not be found successfully. Bad if you are unsure of the format of these files. If you have problems, here are some tips on how to find music files on the iPad 2

Music downloaded from iTunes is placed in the iPhone iPod app, so you have to read this. However, several music download sites have their special applications. If it is an MP3 file, for example, there are several applications that could play this. But usually this can be downloaded from the app - Safari, for example, can not download music files - as MP3 tracks. For music to your iTunes library to do on the computer that you sync with. Just download the file on that computer, and then drag it to iTunes. Depending on how you set iTunes to sync music, be transferred to the iPhone the next time you synchronize.

There are some ways to avoid iTunes to sync / add music to the iPod app on the iPad, but they all require a computer. They also tend to confuse iTunes, which means that they do well, and we have enough experience to give advice or suggestions for solutions. You can also always go with a music player as the third OPlayer. They have their own methods of importing music from IPAD. You can even send files to the iPad.

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