Most ipad user today are talking about how to charge ipad, charge ipad on pc, or how to charge ipad from computer. iPad sample charge only when the screen is on. Obviously. However, when the screen is off, the iPhone will be charged. When the battery charge, while the display was off. If you do not receive any payment, it is likely that a netbook with its own battery, in which case cut all the power that power is not needed. No cases are also very few, you will receive a commission when you go off the screen. Typically, the computer is not powerful enough to charge our IPAD. He says it is charging, but it is actually very slow. The team is not loaded because the USB iPad not have the power to charge the iPad.

The iPad is not very informative when connecting the load if the circuit is not activated. The power adapter should be 10 watts and there is no way the team can provide that. The charging process is usually input: 240 for boots, and after the change magazines, the current that flows into our iPhone, however, if the load is only through a USB cable, that's not enough, as we know, the current is very small this side, s not able to load the iPad. There is a way to charge your iPhone via USB to a PC, even with the screen. Search for "Asus AiCharger and download the program. Install IPAD and now as manager of a wall charger. What it really does is look out for the iPad. When you connect iPad via USB, the program recognizes it and tells the computer's motherboard to give more power to the USB jack. IPAD, getting the extra power is left to say "no load" and displays the load in place. charges almost as fast as the wall charger . Please note that although the program was designed for computers with ASUS mother, a lot of people have been using the Asus not without problems.

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