Some ipad user are asking about ipad bluetooth keyboard, how to connect ipad to ipad via bluetooth, or connect ipad to ipad bluetooth. As we know, the iPad comes with Bluetooth support. This feature allows you to connect to other wireless devices. We can do somethings with Bluetooth, such as file sharing, connect to Bluetooth keyboard, speakers, headphones, and many others. This means you can transfer files to other devices such as iPhone mobile PCs, laptops and mobile phones. Also, you can transfer files from these devices on your iPad without iTunes. It is even easier. So how to do that. In this article we want to share how to connect the iPhone to other devices via Bluetooth. After that, you can do as mentioned above. OK! We will follow these steps!

A. Make sure that Bluetooth is discoverable.
B. Enable Bluetooth. In the main screen, click Settings, select General and Bluetooth. Turn on Bletooth option.
C. IPAD automatically detects other Bluetooth enabled devices.
D. Then the list of detected Bluetooth around, is shown. Select to synchronize with the iPhone and click on it.
E. If prompted for the PIN, you must enter for safety. The default PIN is 0000.

And finally! Now you can use your Bluetooth device on your iPhone to work with another device. It is usually used to connect the Bluetooth keyboard ever posted here. There are other devices that usually can connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth as speakers, headsets and many more. So, nice try! Hopefully I get no problem doing that.

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