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Answer :
Actually we can edit many excel files on ipad, But none of so many applications can edit spreadsheet files on an iPad and all the features of Excel or Numbers on Mac OS X. At least supported, you can expect to lose some formatting (such as fonts that are not available on your iPad) when you import the files. If you only use general formulas, should keep all the mathematical functions to work, but depending on the application you choose, do not function graphs, charts, and certain advanced features might.

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In most cases (except with Quick office Connect Mobile Suite and Documents To Go),which is even worse, after you edit the spreadsheet files on your iPad and open it on your Mac, all of these elements will be stripped off during import still have disappeared.Therefore, if it is important to you that every last element of your Excel spreadsheets survived the return trip, be sure an iPad app, something that makes it possible to choose.
Here are my iPad on Top Apps for the processing of an Excel spreadsheet:

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad is very easy to use, this large a standard fontsize and handles which are easy to select a range of cells and change the selection is always used. DataViz Documents To Go is $ 10 uses a smaller default font and make more effective the more information fits on the screen, but is less comfortable to work.

Sheet2 HD and Office2 HD Byte2’s $6 suite include the ability to edit the spreadsheet.(Office2 HD, you can also edit Word and PowerPoint files.) Both of these applications store the most, but not all the features of a standard Excel document when you save atable. However, charts do not make the cut.

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