Ask : how to import excel documents into ipad 2, ipad 2 transfer excel documents
Answer :
Sometimes when the iPad environment matures and expands, it becomes easier and easier to leave your laptop / PC behind and achieve much your company is working on ipad tablet device. If you want to view only on Microsoft Excel files, you need no additional software, such as iOS displayed by default. Xls and. Xlsx files. There are also some fine tools for creating and editing easy, even for large and complex spreadsheets on an iPad, but because no iPad version of Excel, you may need some extra tires, add several features that do or do both.

When you create or edit an Excel file on your iPad and then want back to your PC or Mac, you need to fight against the iPad cumbersome system of file transfer options. Multiple applications, you can copy documents to and from your iPad with iTunes, but this requires a wired connection that is not always easy. E-mail attachments is wireless, but only slightly less complex.

You can transfer a file using app like Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk or SugarSync to copy your spreadsheet file on the clouds, and then tap the Open button in the application, to make it an application that can edit / it Send to modify. But it turns out that most applications can edit the spreadsheet files, a standard way, Dropbox have access to the service of a good repository for files that you edit in many places.

Another alternative, which is a cloud-based service called Soonr, that online storage, file sharing in a team, and desktop synchronization features. (Subscriptions start from $ 8 a month for 10 GB of online storage and a three-person team.) This service recently announced its new function, ie its free iPad app lets you edit Microsoft Office files, including Excel tables. This file editor is similar to that in Table 2 HD and Office2 HD.

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