iPad HD released before ipad 3, The speculation is suggesting that the iPad HD will be released along with the latest Apple iPad and the large scale production and a release date soon after. Apple is said to be preparing the iPad HD to mimic the relationship between the MacBook and MacBook MacBook Pro is for the average user, while the Pro is ideal for those interested in more power and graphics and video editing. As it stands now the iPhone HD will be gunning for those who need a digital media much more powerful chip.

IOS in May is expected to reach its audience in September which means that these two devices must be released at the same time, it is highly anticipated operating system. We believe that Apple is going to save some interesting features in the IOS of 5 exclusively for the iPad HD and if not, definitely the iPad 3. 3 If the iPad is still scheduled for a 2012 release date then there will be time to work on further improvements and enhanced features to IOS 5 by the time that adorns the iPhone 3. No word yet on a price this high-end tablet called iPad HD, but if you are over the 64GB iPhone 2 and then is likely to exceed the $ 829 price which is currently the cost of the tablet.

If that is the case, then you probably do not fit the price range of public opinion, but that is what it is anyway. The iPad is not an end in HD and high-powered image editing in your best interest to maintain for the iPad 3 if you do not require advanced features and specifications.

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