how to restore ipad to factory settings? After buying the iPad 2 or a newer version, many people are giving the buying and selling your iPad for the first time after buying the iPad 2. In this case, if the person receiving the old iPhone can make it "new" to erase all your data. For some reason, though not an old iPad, you may want to erase all data on your IPAD.

There are two ways you can deo to erase all your iPad data.
Restore and set up as new in iTunes

1. Run iTunes and connect your iPad.
2. Select the iPad on the left under section “Devices”.
3. Click “Restore” in the ‘Summary’ tab,
4. Wait until the iTunes has completed the process of restoring, when iTunes provides the screen of ‘Set Up Your iPad’, choose ‘Set Up As a New iPad’ (the current backup will be written if you set up your iPad as new).
5. When the restore process is completed, disconnect the device.
6. Turn the iPad ON and verify it is back to factory setting (all your content and settings are replaced).

Erase all settings and content from the iPad
When you do not have access to iTunes, you can completely erase all your iPad data right from the iPad.

1. Tap Settings.
2. Tap General.
3. Tap Reset.
4. Tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.
5. Turn the iPad ON and verify all the settings and content were erased.

On many iPads, this process require less than one minute but can take longer depending on the capacity of storage of your iPad and the amount of content. Make certain that your battery is not low or before you begin connect the power.

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