flash games on ipad, many ipad user asking what best flash apps for ipad? Skyfire 3.0 is not yet supported content such as flash game, flash banner, Flash web site and many more. This is probably the disadvatage Skyfire 3.0 today. Therefore, Skyfire should improve the performance of the browser, the iPad. In fact, there is another iPhone that allows us to enjoy Flash content on the iPhone includes Flash video, flash banners, websites and flash games. That is iSwift. This is a powerful iPhone application that will give more freedom for us to enjoy Flash content on iPhone and many do not know how.

iSwift iPhone is different from other web browsers IPAD. If you open the application, there are two options, see the website or play. If you want to browse sites with flash content on it, you should select "surfing websites." But if you want to play, select "Play Games". The arrival of iSwift solve the problem of Flash on the iPhone has been the most popular problem IPAD. Currently, Inc iSwift is still developing this application. Not only for IOS, but also for Android and Windows. Fortunately, the use of iSwift IPAD is available for free. It will be an alternative as a web browser,

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