How to sharing ebooks between ipads ? or how to share ebooks on iPad ?. As one of the new devices, the IPAD may cause confusion for users to do something with your IPAD. Sometimes, new users can not do anything, even hard for some people is so easy. Or example is how to share files between your computer and iPhone, from the iPhone to the computer or iPad team. If the above problem happened, you should read this. Here are the step by step instructions for sharing files between IPAD and computer. Unfortunately, the file sharing is only compatible with computers running Mac 10.5.8 or later operating system. We do not know if it will work on other operating systems or not.

Copying files from Mac to iPhone, The first is to copy files from your computer to IPAD. You can follow these steps : Connect iPad to your computer via USB cable, Run iTunes on your computer, Select iPhone in the Devices section, Click the Applications tab
You will see a list of applications that support file sharing on the iPad the file sharing section. The next step is to copy the files to IPAD. It's that simple. Select the files you want and click the Add button. Finally, the file is coppie for the iPad.

Transferring files to the computer IPAD, The second is how to transfer files from iPad to computer. Basically no different with the steps of copying files to IPAD. You can follow steps 1-5 that we have explained above. Then simply select the file being transferred and click the Save button. This is so simple and easy.

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