Many ipad user today looking for ipad 2 with keyboard, ipad 2 keyboard with trackpad, or ipad 2 keyboard with touchpad. Second lovers grow generation iPhone. iPad 2 instead to work faster iPhone, almost like a computer. Logitech has joined the company's base in the market and the keyboard exclusive iPad ZAGG 2. With this extension remove one of the main drawbacks of the Tablet, slow to write to use your touchpad base. The design is very similar to the iPhone 2 which is intended to complement the function and form. It is very minimalist, with rounded corners and features a simple mini-USB input on one side. This connector is only used to charge the battery on the keyboard. Let no one think that the iPad 2 is finally a USB port to connect what we want. In addition, this function is necessary to charge a small detail. A computer can be connected, of course. Because, remember, the iPad has no USB connection. In terms of size, measured as the tablet, since it also works as a screen saver. Take a small accessory that serves as a support to put the iPhone vertically or horizontally.

So depending on the application will be more comfortable in one way or another. It is very robust and resistant to better protect your computer from Apple. Connectivity includes this keyboard is Bluetooth, the most appropriate according to the experts who has not cut the connection. Comfort, placing your hands and use that resembles a notebook, since the keys are sized as a 10-inch laptop. In the end, the Swiss Logitech article provides a very hard material. This is a unique accessory for the iPhone 2, which is very useful for tasks such as working with notes, send e-mails or just creating documents. Is expected to go on sale in April 2011 at a price of about $ 100 U.S..

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