Are you looking for torrent for ipad 2, torrent ebooks for ipad, or download torrents on ipad ? . iTransmission is a client that lets you download torrents directly on the IPAD (also compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch), using WiFi and 3G networks. The application is still at a preliminary stage of the test, so it's likely we can find some errors in execution. You can install from the iTransmission free. Obviously, you should have done the jailbreak on the device (currently only available for the first generation of IPAD).

The main screen of the application is very simple. Shows files that are downloaded on a given time. To start a download, simply copy the URL of the file with a. torrent. It is expected that future updates can select a previously downloaded torrent file for the iPad. Once the application starts to download a file with all the information about the current task, click the appropriate current. An interesting and useful application which we hope will soon end its testing phase. And for some, a new reason to jailbreak their devices.

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