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Answer : SNES HD is a Super Nintendo emulator that let you play any SNES game and control your iPhone. This application has been available in Cydia. Here are instructions on how to install SNES HD and use the iPad. You will need a jailbreak IPAD and at least a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch to play SNES (HD).

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Features SNES (HD) are: application driver for the iPhone remote control, multiplayer support - up to four controllers can be connected at once, the volume keys for iPhone reassigned to L / R buttons, screen graphics You can save snapshots complete preview the IPAD been optimized interface with "virtual console"

It's a pain to play emulators on the iPhone because not only is small but you have to sacrifice screen space to allow the buttons - and in the case of the SNES, a lot of buttons. The iPad is a great promise as a portable gaming platform, but without a decent controller and interface, even a perfectly emulated console will not be fun to play. This application seems SNES HD solve most problems ... at least if you have an iPhone or iPod touch to use as a controller. The iPhone is connected via Bluetooth, and even use the physical buttons of the L and R. To be honest, I doubt that controls all that well, but better than having everything on one screen. Please someone has a decent driver for this already. I love the pictures and the real state, but in the console interface. Man, I really want an iPad now.

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