Ask : how to change keyboard language on ipad2, ipad bluetooth keyboard switch language

Answer : As a popular and global device, iPad supports multi-language keyboard input. You can change the language settings on your iPad, by following these simple steps:

First Go to 'Settings', 'General', 'Keyboard' and then 'International Keyboard'
Second Then select "Add New Keyboard '
Third Select the keyboard you want to change you
4th If the new keyboard is installed, you can use both the hardware and software layout of the keyboard. To do this, touch a keyboard.
5th You can install more than one additional keyboard at once. If you have more than one additional keyboard, is a global icon will appear next to the spacebar, so that you can switch between them
6th To access the various language accents, touch and hold to highlight the desired letter.For example, by pressing and holding 'e' in French, then you can enter an e acute ".
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Currently iPad the following languages supported on your keyboard: English (UK), English (U.S.), Dutch, Flemish, French (Canadian), French (European), German, Italian, Japanese,Spanish, Chinese (Simplified) Handwriting, Chinese (simplified) Pinyin and Russian. Gainover time, these additional keyboards in importance. They are especially useful if you have a second language speakers are regularly obroad by e-mail or chat with friends orcolleagues. For the next generation of the iPad, can add additional languages, includingpossibly Arabic (Egypt) and Greek.

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