Ask : does playing angry birds on my phone use data, how much data does angry birds use
Answer : Given thаt thе fact οf іt's free, іt mау υѕе οf a small amount of data іѕ supported bу іtbесаυѕе ads. Sο bе thе ads have considered tο tο bе downloaded. I would not expect іtbе tο noticeable, though, іf уου аrе аt уουr border, perhaps without іn anticipation οf уουrnext billing cycle.
This is not the first time someone save with a way to get your Angry Birds game data, as we have shown here, has come, but it's another pea in the pod-independent, and people love to see the options have . That is, there are really only a few files that are backed up,so if you rooted your device (it must be anchored) and you have a rooted File Explorer FileExplorer to ES must have, you should have no difficulty with these backups.

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First, use explorer go to root
/ Data / data / com.rovio.angrybirds (use appropriate names for the seasons and rio) / files
Copy these two files:
Now you can go to the same spot on the target device and add it, but make sure you call, you first have the original files.
This is the most important step: fix permission. Make sure both files are read and write three, and No Execute (X), because it will cause reboot if you run the game!
There are many other methods, such as Titanium Backup for example, that many are satisfied with, but there are users who have reported tb does not work, and thus to begin inAngry Birds after flashing a new ROM that sucks ...., ! To save hundreds of hours of funand stress using the method described above.

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