Ask : How to fix wherethewoozlewasnt.com cydia not working, wherethewoozlewasnt.com/cydia
Answer : Cydia is the best known and most popular App Store for jailbroken devices warehouse.Behind the scenes, the name of the scientific name for the codling moth (Cydiapomonella), the thread in the Apple device indicates derived. The Apple iPhone takes forever care and maintenance, so get your self set well to the Cydia crashing problem to fix.

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There are so many kinds of problems people face, and they are looking for an answer herquestion, "how to fix Cydia problems?" If you want to install an application in addition to theofficial Apple store, then the Cydia is the best option. For the past three years, it isdeveloped and has become the leading choice for many out there download applications.
Jailbreaking is the volatility in your Apple system, and so one must be prepared. Manypeople come with a problem that will not run Cydia. Instead, get with cydia crash problemsinterfere, it is better to get an answer "how to fix Cydia problems?" A person might have to open the SSH session or terminal session to run various tasks from the command line.

To go in case of error source, the following points ...
If the repo is not working properly, can cause a bzip2 error message. In this case, yousimply remove the source. Even if that does not cydia then perform the following steps:
a. SSH to the device
b. Find the path of / etc / apt / folder
c. Take backup of the sources.list file OR cydia.list
d. Edit the sources.list OR cydia.list file with a text editor and then you accept the entry of the problematic source
e. Restart the system

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