Ask : how to move pictures from email to iPad, download photos from gemail to iPad, copy photos from email to ipad

Answer : With iPad you can easily open e-mail applications (such as AOL, Gmail, Yahoo mail, mobile me) anywhere, anyplace and enjoy your e-mail. You may obtain a copy button pops up when you want to click on the picture, but do not confuse what you have to do with it. It may not be a simple copy-paste function, as if with one PC, but here is the easy tips on how to images, to copy received in e-mail on the iPad.

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How can images download from e-mail to your iPad?
If you are in the e-mail to keep in the picture, and it should offer an option to save the image. Then it will save just to the Photos app.

Just keep your finger on the photo in the e-mail pushed to wait 1-2 seconds, then a "copy / save" option. Press the button. Thereafter, the images in your camera roll on the iPad, commonly accessed from the 'Camera' be saved app. If you want to add your pictures or attach photos, you can e-mail applications as of this image or upload photos from your camera apps folder where the image was saved. Hope this simple tips for your problem

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