Ask : how to turn off email notification on ipad 2, how to turn off notifications on ipad, disable ipad notification sounds
Answer : Notification helps users to the latest updates for applications without booting the application to get on the iPad. But sometimes you might want to disable the push notification in order to save battery life or for other reasons. This article shows you some tips and tricks from some iPad notification and troubleshooting, to perform the function better.

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How to turn your iPad notifications, you can go to Settings on the iPad home screen, then select Notifications, tap the "On" to "Off". In this way, you have sounds, alerts, and badges for the home screen apps listed under the setting disabled.
Actually, if you turn off notifications only because some applications that want to make you angry, you can turn the iPad notifications for individual applications as follows: Go to the message settings just mentioned, then you can view a list of applications, that would not if you as soon as they new events. This allows you to disable certain sound on the app, alerts and / or badges.

This short tutorial shows you how you (sent e-mails, keyboard, etc.) sound notifications in the iPad, iPhone or iPod on or off to disable, and how to reduce the volume of the sounds themselves.

Tips how to disable iPad Alerts / Notifications sound
Begin by locating and opening the Settings button on the home screen.
Select the General column on the left side of the Settings window and then the sounds on the right side of the window.
In the right frame, you can enable or disable reporting of different sounds. You can also use the slider to adjust the volume of notifications that you customize.

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