Ask : how to import contacts to icloud from ipad, add contacts to icloud, import yahoo contacts to icloud
Answer : how to transfer contact to your new icloud account from my ipad. It is a very simple process, and it takes less than a minute [If you are not a few thousand contacts.] It is about importing and exporting contacts, complex sounds, but it is really easy. Just follow my every step you are?

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First things first. Your contact details will have to Google Contacts. You must have an Apple ID. [If you are not sure what it is, it is the ID you use to purchase and / or apps from AppStore and download songs from iTunes.]

Once you have checked through you both have to follow these instructions.
-. For Google Contacts.
-. Click on "Export" in the upper right corner of your browser.
-. Select "Only ..." or "Everyone" for export
-. Then select "vCard format" and click "Export".
-. A new file should be in your download directory. Hold it there, it is a very important file that we will use later.
-. For icloud and log in with your Apple ID.
-. You are first a "window" requirement for your photo, language and time zone demand.
-. Contacts - After you have done entering the fields, click the second icon.
-. You should find that it is empty. [It must be empty. Otherwise you can not drag any file on the website. If you have a contact, delete it.]
-. Try the "Settings" icon on the bottom left of the screen. If you can manage to onthat tClick from the following and click Import vCard. Select the file you downloaded and it should just start the import. [Here you can search for images via @ Justin]
-. If step 11 does not work for you, drag that vCard file from your download directory on the "left side" of the book. [He may be on the right side of the page depending on which view you are. Thanks for pointing @ DavidDeSloovere it out]
-. In cases where step 10 does not work, log in icloud and then prepare the file to log if the address book, the surface and drop a blue frame around the container. You must be very fast. If you succeed, a popup appears, 'Import'. [Web icloud is apparently still buggy]

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