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Answer : Began in the last days of my iPad is a strange n audio. For the most part, the sound was gone on my iPad. In some applications, I heard the sound. For example, I can play instruments in GarageBand app. And adjust if I navigated> General> Tone sound, the wrestler, and warnings would work well. But in almost all other apps, the sound was either absent or only for a second or two and then remained to be played.

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With the Volume Up button on the side of the iPad device, I pushed the sound all the wayup to the maximum. But still there was no effect. The sound was still in all the areas whereit had been absent . On the whole it was very similar when the iPad device is set to mute. But I had not set my iPad device mute - at least not recently. Actually, it was the side switch currently set as the lock-rotation, not mute work - as configured in the section 'Use-side switch on "the iPadGeneral Settings.

The fix turns out to be readily and easily (and a bit embarrassing). In fact, I had accidentallyside switch to the iPad device before the last time I lock the rotation mode was set to mute activated. This made the iPad into mute mode without a physical switch or push button,return the setting that could. That was what I scratch my head. I had done this a few weeks ago, but just noticed it now. (I think I did anything, the noise all the time required.)

To return the tone, I just had to re-select the Mute "Settings" and make sure that the side switch was in the un-mute position. And sound restored! I could now go back to the page'Position Lock "mode, without any noise. The Button-Down Volume will work to mute theiPad, as is required. (Macworld)

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