ask : how to edit ibook cover image size, ibooks ipad change covers

If you love to read many downloaded iBook. But you can probably find that somebook covers, which are boring and not attractive. If you want to change the cover, it's soeasy. If you ever own CD cover, an iTunes song added, this thing will seem very familiar.Buti, if you have not, you can follow these steps:

First Select Category books in the source list in your iTunes library.
Second Choose any book, it has no cover, shows with the right mouse button and choose"Get Info".
Third Select the tab "Graphics" tab.
4th Drag and drop an image in the box or click on "Add" to select the image and then clickOK. Done, you have just a separate cover, was added to your iBook.

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You are looking for a suitable image from Google or whatever search engine you know.Amazon is also a good choice, but remember that these images are protected by copyright very likely, and their size is probably not covered by the standard aspect ratio of the book from the iBookstore.

Can remember that you can add any image for the cover of your book and change it with your image editing application app the text on the image for the book title, and add others.The image size must be approximately 420 × 600 and save your image JPEG extension.Add the cover in iTunes by using the above steps and you're done

Source: edit ibook cover image size, ibooks ipad change covers