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Viewing images on a iPad is a wonderful experience compared to the iPod Touch. Photos look better on her then presented on a physical pressure. But with the larger screen real estate and faster processor in addition to the multi-touch surface, as well the iPad does work as an image editing program? The answers are: awesome, proportionate and outrageous. To reduce it, without the alliteration:

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At the moment I write this article I am primarily shooting with an Olympus E-P1 and a variety of lenses, the most digitally tuned out my rangefinder kit. On the iPad is my primary image editor Photo genes. I have also installed filters and camera bag Storm, both of which are more or less a step filter apps and not much in the way of editing functions. Of course, iPhoto is installed and is an excellent image browser, modeled directly from the OSX version.

Probably the best thing about the iPad with respect to the photograph that native support for RAW file formats. This means not only the ability to browse RAW files into iPhoto, but edit them too. Of course, the same iPhone OS limits as other image file formats are still valid (see the section disgusting), but it's still pretty bad. Thanks to the speedy processor, 15MB of my files quickly opened and she was editing quickly. The image below has been used by his RAW (. ORF) file into a variation of 1974 and CameraBag filter opens.
As mentioned at the beginning of this piece, the screen and touch interface are listed below earn "awesome", especially when using applications such as filter storm, which allow you to "paint" effects on the finger. This more direct experience with the mouse or tablet is not as accurate, but gives you a feeling of more of what you're doing connected.

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