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The default setting on ipad is not supported with PDF reader. That is, if we want to read aPDF file, it must be converted ePub format. Then we can read it on the iPad. But, does not support ePub hightlighting text, copying text from PDF files or to edit PDF documents.

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And luckily, it was now resolved, and you can do all this. iAnnotate will help you to do more with your PDF files. It's a nice app for your iPad that you enjoy reading and editing PDFfiles from your iPad directky. Do not worry, with the ability of this app. It was reviewed bymany people and it works flawlessly on the iPad
iAnnotate is not only PDF reader, but more than that. You may not edit your PDF files on your iPad are copying text from PDF files, which emphasize highlights or are sketchingdiagrams, notes entry for editing. All these factors can be performed on your iPad with thepull of a finger. However, a good PDF reader and editor for your iAnnote iPad.Unfortunately we did not know if it supports for iPad 2 or not. Hopefully it works.

Do more for your PDF files with iAnnotate. In addition, you can send documents via e-mailform directly from your iPad. Also, you can also import files from DropBox, good reader,etc and read it on your iPad. For more information about the app, visit here. There are also plenty of preview screenshots of this app on the iPad.

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