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In case of default iPad web browser Safari has supported app. So far we have alwayspublished on several web browser for iPad like Skyfire and Opera Mobile. Between thisapp, we think Skyfire is still the best as it Flash support on your iPad. Actually, there are other alternative Web browser application that you can run on your iPad. Certainly, everyapp has more features and different or missing. One of the most famous iCab Mobile.

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This is an alternative web browser app for iPad. iCab Mobile provides many features thatmade it unlike other iPad web browser. This app supports tabs, which we can open some web pages in the same time. It's like being on Safari, Skyfire and Opera Mobile. The otherfeature is included download manager function. It is a feature that we download all the files directly into your iPad allows. Here are the other features of iCab Mobile iPad are web browsers:
Full-screen mode. This feature allows you to hide all the toolbars. This means you will enjoy the web page. Filter function. It allows us to block ads or other elements that might bother you while surfing. Search feature. There is a simple add new search engines
Import bookmarks from your Mac or PC browsers save images, entire web pages, PDFfiles
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