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IPad first block WiFi problems in 2010, now this problem seems to exist once more after the IOS upgrade 4.3.3. At first, the first problem faced by users of iPhone Wi-Fi was his very weak or slow, while other devices was around that problem. Apple patched the problem quickly update software. Now IPAD 2 IOS 4.3.3 seemed to have the same problems as before WiFi discussed. 2 Many iPhone users have complained in the Apple forums for WiFi report problems they face.

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As for the Apple forums I found that many others facing the same problem, but only users of iPhone 2, but some of them with an iPhone, iPod Touch iPhone 4 and also face the same question. Cult of Mac reports that 3G connections are also affected in some devices. He has published three easy steps to restart the IOS device, the automatic deactivation of the wireless network, or restoring the network settings ... try any of them may solve your problem. "Treat every work your way up to the last, but not all three unless there is also" Cult of Mac, he says.
ReadWriteWeb has published a quick fix for iPhone users who have similar problems: "A workaround is to turn off the Wi-Fi, and then back in This will restore the connection until it falls again, but a real solution must come Apple.. "

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