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As we already know that iPad comes with such a large touchscreen display. With this display,we will control the work and the iPad, as this is a tablet that is not equipped with a keyboard. HOW TO USE We have a virtual keyboard, if we want to write somethings.Luckily, with its larger display the virtual keyboard is to be as comfortable to use. But sometimes we are plagued with the feeling in use, the virtual keyboard when an auto-correction feature to work. For default, auto-correction features in iPad. So if we do not want it to work, we need to rotate it. But it is not recommended if you feel neverbothered with it. In this article we will explainhow auto-correction off in iPad.

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In essence, auto-correction so useful for us in several conditions. But it could interfere withother conditions. For example, if we want an e-mail or SMS to write to other people.Auto-correction feature, our work because what we give constantly corrected by interfering with iPad.
There are four steps to turn off auto-correction function
The first step is "Select Settings" and you will see a lot of option
Scroll down and select the General option
In general, select Keyboard
The last step is the auto-correction by turning the knob on the auto-correction. See the pictures for details

In the future, if we want to re-activate the auto-correction feature, we are dealing withsimilar steps. It is simply different in recent step. You need to turn auto-correction in this step.

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