Ask : how to stop app from downloading on iphone or ipad, apps stop downloading iphone ipad
Answer : Sometimes when you download, synchronization or update applications on an iPad or iPhone devices, can get stuck waiting and never install applications on the device.

For all, give enough time for the app to download and make sure it is actually proceeding before inserting. Most applications will download within a few minutes via Wi-Fi network, but if you from downloading or updating some apps at the same time it could take much longer, depending on the size of the applications and the speed of your Internet connection.

Also, if you download or update apps over 3G or WiFi network, make sure the problem is not to proceed with your connection before.

1. A restart of the IOS Devices
The easiest way to clear-up applications, the waiting is stuck, a reboot. This is how you restart or reboot your iPhone or iPad:
-. Press and hold the sleep-wake button (on the upper right corner) until you see the red slider.
-. Turn off the device by sliding your finger.
-. Leave it a minute to shut down, and then press and hold the sleep button until the Apple logo appears. Sometimes these clear-up applications that will have problems during installation, but if that does not solve the problem, then read on.

2. Download & Apps Sync with iTunes
-. The next method, you need your device into your computer and launch iTunes Connect.
If you install a new application that should not have on your computer you can download for free in a position to be the app. Make sure you are using the same account that purchased the app signed. If you find the app in the iTunes Store, you will see "Install" or "Downloads" instead of price. Download the app in iTunes on your computer.
-. Select your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch under the "Devices" tab on the left.
-. Click on the "Apps" and then check "Sync Apps".
-. Select the applications you to synchronize in the left column. You can use all applications by selecting an app checkbox on while holding down the Command key on Mac OS X or the Control key on Windows.
-. Sync to transfer the selected applications to the device.

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