Ask : how turn ipad 2 into phone, how make a call with ipad 2
Answer : When the iPad launched in February, many people were interested to know that the tablet with GSM connection (the network that is used for phone functions) is provided, but Apple rejected the possibility of us for calls or SMS on this new model.

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However, it seems that you can really turn iPhone 2 has become a giant phone. Although, yes, you can use this option only if the model with 3G connection (and that's what you can install a SIM card) is provided. The fact is the application PhoneIt-iPad for iPad 2 could turn make your performance profile of the phone function, even with the call interface of the iPhone.

VoIP-Pal is a company, international calls over the Internet, PC tablets and smartphones via VoIP technology offers. They have reported recently that they plan to begin the beta testing phase for their point phone Mobile App for iPad second

Business travelers will have the portability of tablets at each site and offered iPad 2 does just that. Since iPad tablets contain phone capabilities, has created the Pal-point phone Voip Mobile App for iPad, and iPad 2. The app makes the tablets in phones capable of national and international calls for help around 2 cents per minute.

VoIP-Pal officials have announced that the iPad 2 app has unique characteristics. For example, voice mail allows business travelers to their voice mail to listen to their e-mail via Wi-Fi connections. The app can also record phone calls.

The point phone mobile app beta version will be available free for downloading on Apple's App Store. All that users need to do is log on and register www.pointsphone.com and activate their account, which costs $ 10. Users then can use their account on the app and point phone call around the world without roaming charges. The point phone app is also available on Android and BlackBerry devices.

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