Ask : how to restore contacts on ipad 2, lost contacts on ipad 2
Answer : There will be a tough day when you lose your contacts in iPad and you do not know what to do to restore the data.

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Here are some tips :
1, ensure that your contacts are really gone. Check the search box. If there is something in this, it will be your contacts on the limit to what fits. This can easily anything.

2, if you see a red band on the left side, the groups have such, tap it and see if you have selected the correct address and / or group. The tape can not be there, depending on how your contacts are established. A reboot is always a good idea. Hold the power button until the device is turned off slider appears. Push it off. If the iPad shutdown is complete, hold the power button again until the Apple logo appears.

When your contacts are still in limbo, there is another possibility. If you have not synchronized your iPad with iTunes because the contacts have disappeared, they may still be in the last backup.

Open iTunes (without the iPad is connected) go to Settings and Devices tab. You see alist of backups, only once a device that you sync with iTunes. Check the dates.

While you are there, turn off auto-sync. It makes it easier when you sync iPad to manage inthe future. It is important now, because you do not want the synchronization to start iPad, ifyou overwrite it in. The first, what he would do, is plug backup.

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