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Answer : The possibilities offered from Apple devices, from productivity to games to high-end,all elements that have transformed the iPad launch in 2010. Today I show you how to playSuper Nintendo on the iPad, iPad led to 100% of the HD

We had mentioned whether it was worth it or not, our equipment, "Jailbreak" and I think almost all of the opinion that, if and very necessary. I think another example is the SNESHD, especially for those lovers of classic video games (Mario Bros, Tetris, etc.) And weare lucky, an iPad and iPhone in the hand, since the SNES HD is a good choice of entertainment.

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SNES HD as saying that the name is a Super Nintendo emulator for iPad, we can the thousands of titles of the major console play. Mario Bros, Street Fighter, Mega Man, andothers are the most downloaded by users in the last few weeks since he announced that this application. The best of these applications is that the controller can with our iPhone that looks identical to the original check, as we shall see in the image below.

HD SNES application allows simple access to all pre-installed games and saved gamesand much more. Here is how it looks in reality this great application:
We need to achieve this:
Our two devices with jailbreak.
Rome is the Super Nintendo games (create them in our way iPad var / mobile / Media /ROMs / SNES).
In total, the repositories Cydia and our iPad and iPhone
Search Cydia SNES HD and find our ControlPad iPad, install the two applications.
Then simply close the Bluetooth of our devices.

With these simple steps we can remember how to play this great console from Nintendo.

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