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Answer : OnLive offers desktop-off iPad owners in Apple's App Store to instantly access a Windows desktop, complete with cloud-based Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Announced in the week, OnLive desktop - get the free download [iTunes link], and currently has no ongoing subscription charges for the basic package - allows documents to be viewed, created and edited, sometimes with the promise of more in-depth apps.

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Free account users get 2 GB of cloud storage to host their files, together with access to the Microsoft Office suite, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. There are also a few basic utilities and games, but true gamers should probably look to the traditional cloud-based OnLive gaming package of full title.

But in the pipeline is OnLive Desktop Pro, an enhanced version of the service who has an account increased to 50 GB of cloud storage, is "accelerated priority access" to the remote server, and focuses more applications and features for $ 9.99 per month . Both free and pro-mix packets merge multi-touch gestures on-screen keyboard and handwriting recognition even in the attempt to the best of the IOS and Windows worlds.

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